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infused with botanical plant oils, organic essential oils, vitamins, aloe vera juice and more.


super gentle, relaxing, and hydrating; packed with organic essential oils, jojoba oil, vitamins, and other natural goodies.


infused with botanical plant oils, organic essential oils, shea butter, vitamins, aloe vera juice and more.


formulated with 100% natural, plant-based ingredients.


Our oils are meticulously sourced and carefully selected, ensuring that each one is 100% pure and of the best quality.

a Mother-Daughter venture

About MIO

MIO started off with a range of 100% organic, premium quality essential oils, carrier oils and a diffuser. Slowly, we launched our botanical face oils, body care and hair care which incorporates our essential oils. We aim to spread the word about the awesome benefits of various essential oils and showing everyone how to weave this goodness into their everyday lives.

Customer Reviews

“I have very dry skin, and the Frankincense Age-Defy Face Oil keeps my face hydrated and glowing through out the day. I love it!"

T**a Verified Buyer ✓

“Tbh I don’t even need to use conditioner after, cus my hair feels so soft and moisturise after using the Rosemary Shampoo!”

P*** Y*** Verified Buyer ✓

“The Lavender & Sweet Orange is by far my favorite Body Wash! I feel so clean and fresh after using it. And it doesn't dry my skin.”

B** Verified Buyer✓

"The Shampoo smells amazing, and I can feel my hair fall less now!”

C*****e Verified Buyer ✓

“I was skeptical on using the Tea Tree Blemish Face Oil on my oily face at first but this stuff is actually not that oily and it goes well on my face. It makes my face naturally glowy and looks so healthy.”

N*** T** Verified Buyer ✓

“Using the Frankincense Age-Defy Face Oil for 4 weeks + and my forehead lines are lightening.”

M**y Verified Buyer ✓

“My acne has been noticeably less red and less inflamed. Will continue to use.” (ClearSkin Tea Tree Blemish Face Oil)

J***** Verified Buyer ✓

“Smells really organic and expensive.” (Lavender & Sweet Orange Body Wash)

X*** Q* Verified Buyer ✓